Our Story

We've been building eCommerce, Web-2-Print & Marketing solutions with our customers since 2009

Clydy is a modern platform designed to be a better way for design and print professionals to add e-Commerce, Web-to-Print & marketing capabilities to their online presence.

It's not just print templates!  We've supercharged our design tool to include webpages, email templates, social media banners & sale funnels.  Watch out for Sound, Video and Email delivery tools coming online by Spring 2021!

We building Clydy with creative collaboration in mind.  From the get go we set about the task for our customers to sell customized templates and downloadable digital assets alongside regular off-the-shelf products.

Founder Story

In 2005, Gary Osborne and Omar Chaudhry started a print & design agency called OrangeCube. Their focus was to land a few big, corporate clients.  So they created a print ordering portal which allowed their corporate customers to order print items online.

OrangeCube's website evolved from a simple self-estimating and costing tool to one that incorporated a variable data design tool & shopping cart capabilities to allow customers to self-proof and personalize corporate stationery.  

With a few minor alternations, the website gave their smaller clients the same personal level service as they were offering the big boys.  Gary and Omar loved serving these users because smaller businesses gave them the freedom to be more creative and adapt quickly to their online needs.

It wasn't too long when other print and graphic businesses were asking to have the same high-end tools for their websites.  So, in 2009, Omar decided to focus exclusively on a platform (MyPrintCloud) that could empower other design and print professionals to grow and market their services online.

MyPrintCloud was rebranded to Clydy in 2020 to encompass more Consumer based products and marketing tools like Sale Funnels and Email Journeys.


Clydy works to create a company culture that encourages a healthy work-life balance and sustains a creative workforce. Our employees have opportunities to attend events, share their work, and take time off to volunteer or learn new skills. And we’re always looking for creative artists, engineers and misfits to join our global team.

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we’re cultivating an equitable and empathetic global workplace that listens, learns and embraces all cultures.  And how are we doing this, so far our teams are spread over 6 countries, and growing.

With Clydy senior leadership team and the built-in diversity, we draw from decades of experience across the planet and print, design and eCommerce industries to chart a course for the future and guide the company toward its strategic goals.

We help our team members grow in their current roles and dream about what's next by encouraging all our colleagues to participate in industries and tech events, or sponsoring them to host free design classes to people in their communities.

To infinity, and beyond ...

Today, with Clydy, businesses have all the tools they need to create B2C, B2B and B2E (businesses-to-employee) stores quickly, create customized templates and list these products alongside downloadable digital assets and everyday off-the-shelf goods. We're pretty sure we are the only platform that lets you do all this and a lot more.

In 2020, we're launching a slew of new features: Free design tool for building websites, email templates, 3D products, supplier dashboards with single sign-on, and more. We’re no longer a web-to-print tool—we’re a design & marketing eco-system. As our platform, team and customers continues to grow, one thing stays the same: Our mission to empower the underdog.

Clydy serves customers around the world, is still 100% founder-owned. We’re headquartered in San Diego with teams in London, Kiev, Dubai, Lahore and Sydney.