Meet Clydy - your delightful design & marketing tool

Excite your store users with their own branded B2B store with marketing and designing tools to help them grow.

Add stickiness to your web stores by encouraging them to create and share ideas with you or their teams.

Give your customers a reason to keep coming back

It took months of planning and development after which we spent weeks fine-tuning to get it just right.

We ended up with a work of art providing a visually unified product. No corners were cut, you will find new, simpler features, speedy improvements and transitions which make everything smoother and more responsive.

Create branded templates for print, web, social, emails & eStores

Many may never know about what products you can personalize and print. We've included the ability for you to create template libraries in your retail store (B2C), so that you can create your own personalizable products.

Upload fonts & images 

Being great at print & design doesn’t mean you can't sell online.  We have all the tools so your customers can customize products

Auto-merge user profile information

Whatever your goals, we have Products to make it easy for you to connect with your customers

Color-fill SVG vectors

With Clydy custom B2B print Stores you can pitch ideas to new and existing customers 

Free template libraries and images

Create your own brand of templates that sets your apart from the competition

Engage with customers using Sales Funnels & Emails.

Grow your customer lists with webpages that engage and collect information from your print and digital marketing campaigns.
Re-target prospects or customers with timely and personal follow up email.

Educate customers with eMail & Funnel Page journeys

Iterate over and over again using different layouts with a single click. Switch between templates and retain your content without having to key in your text.

Share and collaborate on designs

Your free design tool embedded in every Store allows your visitors to share and collaborate on designs and ideas.

Turn designs in to orders

View and track all your orders from one place. Identity late deliveries and see where production bottlenecks may occur.

Watch your customer lists grow

All your B2C and B2B store users contact details stored in one place. Export your lists to your favorite CRM apps.

Auto-push orders to suppliers

Drop-ship Orders to your preferred suppliers. Give your suppliers their own secure dashboard to update your order statuses.

We've put a lot of love in this update and we really hope you'll love it too!