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Meet Your All-New My Print Cloud

Packed with dozens of user experience improvements, a gorgeous new interface, and powerful new web-to-print and eCommerce tools. 

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Upgrade Your Customers To Business Class

Take a creative leap into eCommerce and launch your own private web store to manage, share and sell print & designs assets.

Simply add users by inviting them by an email link, Share digital assets across your enterprise and launch private stores for internal departments & external customers .

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3 Ways B2B Stores Can Help You Stand Out !

Our pre-designed templates make it even easier to create B2B stores for your most valued clients.

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5 Tools for your Sales Teams

It's never been easier to combine eCommerce with design & printable products. Get your sales teams to pitch for new business or identify vertical markets that align with your services.

Create Retail and Private Stores, create stores for franchisees, clubs, colleges and allow users to Pay Online or check-out On Account.

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5 Ways to Turn Designs into Print Orders

Print stores are at the center of your print cloud. Intuitive, easy-to-use stores are the obvious choice to get your teams to order centrally. 


Create Unlimited B2B Stores !

Create public and private eCommerce sites. Brand each site and list unlimited products per site.

Market to abandoned shopping cart users, Create stores as "Proof of Concept" and win new key accounts and build loyalty by creating stores for your most valued customers.

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7 Vertical Markets Suited For Web-to-Print - 2019

How to work with clubs, colleges and businesses to close the distance between you and your customers.

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Your Business Cards, Your Way !

Allow your teams and customers to personalize business cards, sales brochures, posters and much more.

Enforce brand identity, grant access permissions to edit templates and restrict spot colors, fonts and much more .

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Hook into All Your Favorite Apps

Connect your apps and automate your workflows. No coding skills needed.

MyPrintCloud moves info between your eStores, dashboards & apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

Accepts payments online with stripe, market to store users with MailChimp and export invoices to QuickBooks.

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Sell Everything from Print to Office Supplies

Can't sell personalizable or downloadable products alongside regular out-of-the-box FMG products?

With MyPrintCloud, you have all the tools you need to allow your customers to order, personalize or download products online. 

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Help Your Customers to Access Their Digital Assets

Our Digital Asset Management & Productivity tools are all packaged into one easy to use, intuitive platform run by you.

Digital asset management, integrated design tool to create print ready PDFs and create unlimited template libraries and B2B stores .

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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Print & Design Professionals

We're partnering with PinkCards & Clydy to cover hot topics like :

• How to build an effective website
• Helping people in your service area find you online
• Handling customer reviews
• Building your base and brand with social media
• Booking appointments for estimates for your website

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Outsource To Your Preferred Suppliers

Invite external suppliers to help you fulfil your orders & personalized products such as brochures, marketing collateral.

Order processing & CRM, update production statuses and auto-push orders to your preferred suppliers.

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5 Ways to Help You Sell On-line

Launch print stores for all your customers, teams and partners.

Invite your employees, customers and partners to personalize & order products online.

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Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Products

Create stores for all you most valued customers and allow them to order personalizable products or simply download digital assets. 

Sell 3D products, office stationery & supplies, up-sell refining options & services and create product variants with different attributes.

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+70 % Gross Margins  on These Products !

Freedom to create products.

Sell Fast moving goods (FMG) products, personalizable products and let your store visitors download files. Set policies to allow stores users to check-out on account or pay online.

Myprintcloud unites eCommerce with personalizing products using advance tools to create stunning print stores. It’s easy and free to get started.

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How Insights Drive More Sales

Review analytics, graphs and much more and see how well your stores are performing. 

See who are your top performing users and stores, compare month-on-month analytics across all your stores and measure ROI (return on investment) - Analytics at organization and store levels.

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Need Something Printed in a Hurry ?

Search for print and design specialists near you with

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Earn 80% Gross Margins with a Print Store 

Segment and target your print customers with B2C. B2B and B2E (business to employees) Stores.

Start customizing the look and feel and change products and prices yourself.

Keep or replace your existing web site and direct user to your new retail store.

Allow your customers to self order and checkout by paying upfront directly into your Stripe account. Remember we don’t take any commission - 0% transaction fee.

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5 Workflow Models for Selling Online

We set out to make the smoothest possible way for you to process your online orders all the way to fulfilment.

We’ve iterated over and over again until we got it perfect.

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Get FREE Stock Images

Meet Clydy - your Free intelligent design tool.  Freedom to collaborate design ideas with colleagues, teams and friends. 

7 sites to get free stock images, vectors and videos.

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Start Your Digital Agency Today !

Sell design and print services online.

Create and customize retails stores with templates and products and sell your account to print and copy shops that are looking for ready-to-go print stores.

Create template that are localized, or addressing a particular vertical and re-sell the same store to other vendors. Create landing pages using your preferred web editor tools and re-direct links to your print cloud's retail store product pages to have maximum control on the look, feel and SEO controls.

Extend your services, include creating template for private stores users - SMEs, corporates, colleges and a lot more. Learn more about Trade Places by MyPrintCloud, coming in Summer 2019.

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Shuffle Your Designs

We set out to make the smoothest possible way to create stores and managing your design ideas, we’ve iterated over and over again until we got it perfect.

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Create Print Stores Quicker !

We set out to make the smoothest possible way to create stores and managing products, we’ve iterated over and over again until we got it perfect.

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What You Can’t Sell on Shopify !

Can you list customized templates alongside office furniture and downloadable files?

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What you Can’t Do on Canva or Spark

Can you convert customized templates to print orders that you fulfil for your customers?  Adobe Spark and Canva both do not let you tdesign into print orders that your can't fulful yourself.

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What you Can’t Do on PrintSmith

Can you convert Request for Quotes or Shopping Cart items to Orders that from your web site?

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Best Web-to-Print Solutions 2019

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Best Print Management Solutions 2019

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Ideas to Get You Started - FREE Print Store

All your Stores are pre-shipped with hundreds of icons, images and template designs.

Give your visitors a reason to keep coming back

Add stickiness to your web stores - Excite your store users with a free collaborative design tool. Encourage them to create and share ideas with you or their team mates & friends.

✔ Promote your store on the back of your existing customers
✔ Collaborators are notified to sign in on your branded store
✔ Collaborators are invited & added to your Stores CRM database

Make it easy for them to create Social Media banners, Office Stationery, Posters, Flyers & Invitation cards.

Best Online Design Tools 2019

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Best Design Tools Online - 2019

The design tool works in different modes depending on which store it's launched from and by who.

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List Your Print Business on

Sign up today and list get your own eCommerce print store using your own domain name on

We drive traffic to, and in turn, to your retails store at no extra cost to you by promoting on search engines and social platforms.

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Save, Share & Print

Allow your Store Users to save their designs, logos, images and files in your own Digital Asset libraries & folders.

Create designs from Social Media banners to Sales Brochures, Download print-ready PDFs or Jpegs, and Collaborators can comment & mark0up ideas back and forth on the same design

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Your Designs, Your Templates

Allow your teams and customers to create business cards, sales brochures, posters and much more.

Manage brand identity - Upload Fonts, Set Color Pallets or use CMYK fills and create multi-pages templates of any size.

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Everything In The Cloud

No need to install or purchase apps. Our collaborative design tool is absolutely free for your teams or customers to use. Energize your customers and teams to create & share ideas with you online.

Save time & money - Free Collaboration Design Tool, Invite customers to type content directly into templates, and reduce time in proofing and improve content accuracy

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3 Ways to Pitch to New Customers

Pitch to new account with proof of concepts stores, or explore new vertical markets to sell your templates and design services into.

Start a business in selling retail stores! - Create retails stores packed with your templates for posters, leaflets, brochures and 3D templates and sell your store to entrepreneurs that want to start their own print or design business.

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5 Easy Steps to Set-Up Your Print Cloud

Quick Start guide.  

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Create B2B Print Stores

Your Platform, Your way Create B2C and B2B print stores for all your most valued customers, teams and employees .

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Share Ideas & Designs online

Put your creative energy to work and share designs.  Work better together with MyPrintCloud and simplify your work, with a central place to access and share your designs and ideas with your customers.

Collaborate on designs & templates Design sharing tool embedded in every B2C, B2B & B2E print store.

Work in Teams Invite team mates to comment on your designs without the need for installing 3rd apps.

Design with Customers
• Track Customer history

Stores Get clients to edit text and upload images and create pages of content.

Download your designs in PDF or share digital output with team mates and friends.

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