Grow & Engage using Sales Funnels 

Educate and guide your customers to a better experience.

Clydy's tools and platform allow you to get closer to your customers and understand what they want.

What you can do with Clydy

Pop Up Landing Pages

Sell everything from office stationery to supplies and downloadable files

Guide Customers with Sales Funnels

Create editable templates for popular products like business cards

Grow Your Customer Lists

Hook-in and unlock new features with the tools you already use

Educate using Email Journeys

Create customized templates that auto-merge with user credentials

Meet and greet your new growth tools

Embedded Design Tool

Create, share and collaborate on designs with colleagues and customers

eCommerce Stores

Sell everything from print, digital assets to office supplies and furniture

Web Page Builder

Create product landing pages with eCommerce &
web-to-print tools

Digital Asset Area

Help your clients to manage, share and distribute their digital files and artwork